The Politics Has Infected The Scientists / Siyaset Bilim Adamlarına Bulaştı

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I think if we had had initially just  a few scientists talking to each other  on Zoom, not about the opinions but  about the data. What is the population  infection ratio? What is the severity?  Does this thing grow exponentially? There  are some very very simple questions and  it’s true that the epidemiologists were  always saying : that we’re not  epidemiologists but the fact is is that  viral cases and deaths follow a time  trajectory. And I think the cysts and the  original chemistry understand  projections are way better qualified. The  epidemiologists made their normal error. Epidemiologists do not,  they see  their job not as getting things correct  but preventing an epidemic. So therefore,  if they say it’s a hundred times worse  than it’s going to be it’s okay. Their  mistake was that we listened to them. They said the same thing for Ebola. They  said the same thing for Bird Flu, no one  shut down for them. We should never have  listened to the epidemiologists. They  have caused hundreds of billions of  dollars worth of suffering and damage. Mainly on the younger generation this is  going to be a tragedy  it’s going to make 9/11 look like a baby  story. This is much much worse. I am NOT  against lockdown. I am against stupid  lockdown without considering the full  picture and not just combating a virus  that is exactly as the ingresses flu. But  also avoiding the economic damage that  every country has caused itself except  Sweden. We have really really failed as a  group. There have been smart people in Sweden  and that’s about it.  Germany is getting reinfectied because  they cut down too strongly. You know the  level of stupidity that’s been going on  here has been amazing and it just  required a little bit of discussion of  smart people. I’m not saying I’m right  but I would like people to come to me on  the details. Why is it not exponential? I  can show you. Why is the case infection  ratio this not that? There is data for  this in other words everything is  data-driven  but people have chosen not to look at  the data even in many places the  politics has infected the scientists  certainly in the USA . The politics has  infected the scientists.

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