Educational Technologist and Tutor Specialist

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Hi to all, My name is Ünal Arslan. I am from Turkey , Ankara. I have been working for 11 years.After graduation I build my own web site. It guides for the teenager and adults about education coaching. By using web site I tutor the students form different age level . I am dealing with learning management system , the design of teaching materials . In addition to this I prepare private learning tools for students needs . I worked as educational technologics in private and public education center.

I carried out research some Far East countries (China,Taiwan,Japan, Indonesia,Malaysia …) and some Baltic countries ( Slovenia, Estonie …) to improve my educational coaching. I wrote a Math book which includes digital technology. Thecover of the book, content , questions, assesment, qr code, animation,the design of the material are prepared by myself.

And now I am working Maths teacher in Baghdad.